Long Distance Movers

Move Us goes the extra mile when it comes to facilitating a long distance move. From the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast, we provide long distance moving solutions that work for both your bottom line and meet all of your moving needs. Some long distance moves require more strategic planning than others, but whether it is around the block or three time zones away our team of specialist work closely with you so that your move is completed safely, secure, and on time.

We understand that a long distance move is a large and detailed process, and Move Us is honored that among the variety of movers we have been chosen by a large part of the moving community and we do not take this responsibility lightly.  We complete the journey of your move with you, providing a consistent, high level of service and professionalism from the first phone call or on site estimate all the way to your delivery.

Whether you need to understand the process better, scheduling or how to prepare, our moving specialists will counsel you through the entire moving process, and follow up with you once you are settled. We go the extra mile because we care, we genuinely enjoy what we do are happy to provide you with the best possible service.

Providing you the comfort you need

Once our movers have put your bed together in your new home and you have put new sheets on your bed and you lie down for the first time. That calm feeling you get once you are able to lie in your bed for the first time in your new home. The feeling is refreshing , our companies foundation is centered around making sure that you are able to realize that feeling of relief way before you hit your bed for the first time. Our time tested moving model is designed to carry you through each phase of the moving process. We make sure that you understand that you have a variety of moving resources available to you when you move, and it is our pleasure to be able to supply you with all of the items you need to make your long distance move both a successful and enjoyable experience.

At Move Us, we understand that a long distance move is tiring and time consuming. All of our Reservation Specialists are trained to make sure we leave no end table unturned. Saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress our trained team of specialist take their jobs seriously and we understand that in order for them to treat you, our customer with the highest level of care and adherence to the company’s standard we must value and appreciate our employees .

Fear, anxiety, and stress are compounded by the variables that consumers generally are unaware of; our focal point remains fixed on alleviating the stresses involved with the relocation process. In doing so, our customers move with ease and satisfaction knowing that our team of specialists have mapped out every aspect of your long distance move. Our proven method to moving is the perfect balance between your expectations and our fulfillment of your moving needs. A thorough multifaceted consultation with you will take place before the moving process is initiated, armed with the necessary information regarding every aspect of your move with us, you will be afforded the comfort and control that one needs when juggling the whole move process.
To ensure a more personal moving experience, we will assign a Personal Relocation Specialist who will keep a record of all of your personal moving needs and special restrictions and information to assist the entire long distance moving team. During the preliminary phase of your long distance move, our experienced moving experts will provide you with a breakdown of all of the basic moving services that are available to you. This is a great way to help you begin the process of making your long distance move a reality, as well as giving you an introduction to all of the additional moving services Move Us offers. All of our moving methods are designed to give you the most for your money, time and moving needs. Included in our long distance services are packing, disassembly, unpacking, assembly, debris and packaging removal, special transit storage services and more. All you have to do is call us and ask!

Move Us or Other Long Distance Moving Companies?

A long distance move can feel overwhelming, especially if you inadvertently booked with a company that does not care.  With Move Us, we take our business very seriously, providing you with a sense of peace, comfort and cheerfulness for the next chapter of your life. When you move with Move Us, you have an all encompassing moving resource that cares and will be with you no matter what arises along the way.

It is our pledge to you to provide you with a level of comfort and security knowing that we are completing your long distance move with the same quality that we complete all of our moves, both locally and long distance. If you would like to receive a free estimate or speak to one of our representatives, give us a call at 1-888-503-1638, and we will gladly assist you.