Week By Week Moving Timeline

At Move Us we understand that moving is the third most stressful event in a person’s lifetime just behind death and divorce. Our goal is to make the move as stress-free as possible. Our Week By Week Moving Timeline is designed to cover all the bases leading up to your move and to make this event as effortless as possible.

Eight Weeks Before Your Move

  • Purge Before Packing. Get rid of any any unnecessary items. Having a yard sale, donating to charity, or selling the items online are good options.
  • Start using up items you can’t move, such as frozen food and cleaning supplies.
  • Begin Packing. Any items you won’t need in the immediate future should be packed away. This will eliminate any stress from packing at the last minute.

Six Weeks Before Your Move

  • If you are moving for a new job or relocating for a current job, verify what expenses they will be responsible for, if any.
  • Verify how to deduct your move from your taxes by contacting your accountant.
  • All travel arrangements (hotel, flights, car rental, etc.) for your family should be made at this time. Try to keep your plan flexible as possible to accommodate any schedule changes or delays
  • Finalize all real estate or rental needs in your new city
  • Contact your insurance agent to transfer any medical, auto, fire or flood insurance

Four Weeks Before Your Move

  • Contact the Post Office and submit your change of address form. Make sure the following people have your new address:
    • Friends & Family
    • Utility Companies
    • Your Financial Institutions
    • Local & Federal Government Agencies
    • Schools
    • Subscription Companies
  • If you’re packing yourself purchase your moving boxes
  • Plan your yard sale or donate your unwanted items to charity

Three Weeks Before Your Move

  • If you are taking advantage of our Auto Transport services, you should make your final reservations for a vehicle pick up at this time.
  • Consider giving your plants to friends or a charity if you are moving from one state to another. Some state laws prohibit the moving of houseplants.
  • Make transportation arrangements for your pets. Take your pets to your veterinarian to ensure proper up to date health certificates and rabies inoculations. Some states will require these documents.
  • You will need to carry all valuable jewelry with you. If you have any valuables around the house, be sure to collect them before leaving.
  • Return any borrowed items such as library books. Also collect all items that are being repaired stored or cleaned (clothing, furs, shoes etc.).

Two Weeks Before Your Move

  • Transfer all prescriptions to a drugstore in your new city. Call your bank to find out how to transfer your accounts. Clear all your safety deposits boxes.
  • Disassemble and disconnect your computer system before your move. Back up all your computer files on a disk. Consider taking all back up files disks with you in the car. Exposure to extreme temperatures can damage your software.
  • Clean and clear your home including closets, basement and attics and the items that you will take.
  • Dispose of items that represent a hazard and are not allowed to be shipped.
  • Tape and seal all cleaning fluids that are non-toxic, non-flammable in plastic bags.
  • Drain your lawn mower, snow blower, power tools of all the oil and gasoline to ensure safe transportation.
  • Schedule appliance disconnection and preparation with a service provider.
  • Have your automobile serviced if your travel is by car.

One Week Before Your Move

  • Make sure to mark which items you’ll take yourself, so the we won’t take them or have any questions.
  • Make sure you haven’t overlooked anything in the house.
  • Mark your boxes to be shipped with “Fragile”, “Do Not Load” stickers.
  • Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator, freezer and clean your stove, all at least 24 hours before moving to let them air out. Try using baking soda to get rid of any odors.
  • Prepare items you will need while your goods are in transit. Pack your suitcases and confirm travel arrangements for you and your family. Try to keep plans as flexible as possible in the event of unexpected delay or schedule change.
  • Make sure we know the address and phone number to your new home. You should also provide an address and phone number of where you can be reached until you will get to your new home.
  • Arrange for the payment due upon pick up. We accept Cash, Cashier’s Check or Money Order at the time of Pick Up

Two Days Before Your Move

  • Pack a box of things you’ll need as soon as you arrive at your new home. (This might include non-aerosol cleaning supplies, disposable plates and cups, light tools, snacks, bathroom items and trash bags.)
  • Take this box with you
  • Organize and set aside those things that you’re taking with you so that they don’t get loaded on the van in error.
  • Do your laundry
  • Clean your old home